Self Care for Psychedelic Guides


Self Care for Psychedelic Guides

Are you a current or new psychedelic guide who wants to explore how self-care can support you both inside, and outside, of sessions? Are you worried about giving too much to others and not having enough energy/time/space for yourself? This self-led ‘Self Care for Psychedelic Guides’ course will focus on exploring your inner world to better understand where your self-care is lacking and how to build on practices you already have.

The course includes theoretical lectures, a live “check-in” where you can bring your questions and contribute to discussions, practical exercises, and one experiential guiding session designed to enhance your skills and ability to stay grounded and centered. You will learn about what self-care practices are best for you and how you can begin to implement the skills learned. This 13 hour series will provide the knowledge, tools and techniques to support you in having better self-care routines in session and in your everyday life.


FACILITATOR: Angela Amirault 

Has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University (2007), a Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy from Dublin City University (2013) and has completed advanced credentialing as a Psychedelic Therapist from The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness (2022).

She has spent over 10 years working with clients in the therapeutic space, has designed and facilitated courses, workshops and talks for the public and private sector. While in Colorado she stepped into work as a Psychedelic Therapist where she worked with cannabis, ketamine and psilocybin and completed over 450 hours in the medicine session space.

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