Navigating Safe Touch


Course Description

This elective will revolve around the safe use of touch, providing you with practical approaches that will support you in using (or not using) touch with the people you work with. The foundations of this course include psychedelic ethics, somatic and relational psychedelic therapy, energetic boundaries, and relational mindfulness. You will learn and practice various types of touch as well as a titrated approach to touch that can be done as prep work to build somatic safety and embodied connection before the medicine session. 



  • Tuesdays at 10am-11:30am MT: 7/9, 8/13 
  • +5hrs of pre-recorded webinar


What You Get

  • 8 hours of total content including 3 hrs of live-virtual sessions and 5 hours of pre-recorded webinars  (see “Course Content” below)
  • Access to recordings of live content 
  • Powerful tools to work with your clients
  • Experientials to explore the tender and evocative edges of connection
  • A deeper understanding about the role of touch in a psychedelic experience


Course Content

  • Historic modalities utilizing touch 
  • Doing our own work to be embodied
  • Psychedelic ethics and building safety
  • Intersectionality, privilege, and self awareness
  • Foundations of somatic and relational psychedelic therapy, touch and consent
  • Practicing touch for containment and grounding
  • Types of and alternatives to touch
  • Crafting an informed consent plan for touch



Participants need to cancel up to 2 weeks in advance to receive a 100% refund. If canceled after the 2-weeks-in-advance period they can use the credit for a future training or receive a 50% refund.



Rich is an educator, therapist, and musician with 18 years of experience working in the mental health field. He has worked as a mental health and addictions crisis worker, case manager, psychotherapist, and psychedelic therapist. He currently teaches and offers supervision privately and through Therapsil, a Canadian non-profit that advocates for and teaches Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy for end of life distress. Rich is a passionate advocate and community organizer, focusing his energy on psychedelic education, harm reduction, safe use, accessibility, and equity. He utilizes touch in his practice in a minimal and titrated way that is informed by a somatic and relational framework. His use of touch supports the movement of trauma energy held in the body, to build upon resources, to support co-regulation and safety, and to build trust in the journeyers ability to work with boundaries and embodied consent. He offers education around safe touch to members of the psychedelic community and hosts regular virtual and in-person psychedelic cannabis circles.

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