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Psilocybin Mushroom Support Specialty Training

March 4 - March 8

Psilocybin Mushroom Support Specialty Training

Psychedelic Sitters School offers a specialty program designed to train individuals in providing safe personal support services for clients using psilocybin mushrooms. This program is in response to Colorado’s changing legal landscape after the passage of Proposition 122, the Natural Medicine Health Act, which legalized personal use of psilocybin.

Our specialty training course equips students with essential knowledge, including dosing protocols, safety measures, and guiding techniques. Each student participates in guiding and experiencing psilocybin mushroom journeys. The training, composed of webinars, six weekly classes, and a five-day intensive retreat, also provides ongoing supervision and advanced credentialing opportunities. The program places a strong emphasis on compliance with Colorado’s legal framework and subsequent regulations. It covers professional practice protocols, the development of legally compliant waivers and informed consent documents, potency testing of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, harm reduction strategies, and preparation and integration for psilocybin mushroom sessions. The course is split into two equal cohorts, where each student guides during one journey and experiences another.

Psychedelic Sitters School aims to support the safe and sacred use of psilocybin mushrooms while actively working with regulators to establish a registered psychedelic healing center and training program. Our school recognizes the importance of beginning this work ethically and responsibly in response to the evolving legal landscape. The program is dedicated to supporting legacy practitioners who may have worked in various settings, including underground or traditional spiritual contexts, as they transition to licensed facilitators under new regulations. Students can expect continued transparency and updates as program requirements adapt to changing regulations, ultimately providing a framework for safe, legal, and ethical psychedelic guidance.

Students will Attend:

  • 5 Full days of training: March 4th-8th
  • 4 Pre-classes (2hrs each): 
  • 2 Post-classes (1.5hrs each)


  • $5,500 (+$1,500 retreat room and board estimate)
  • Scholarship Tuition ($3,300-$4,950)
  • Medical Safety Review may be required if not yet completed, annual requirement

Prerequisite Course: Psychedelic Guide Training


March 4
March 8
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