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kristen psaki

Rev. Kristen Psaki, M.Div, MBPT

I specialize in working with clients living with depression, treatment-resistant depression, anxiety and PTSD from a soul and somatic based perspective. I create space to turn toward the struggle of life in order to explore the deeper layers of who you are and who you are becoming. I bring beauty, ceremony, art and practice into the work every step of the way - and deep reverence for the medicines. Trained as an end-of-life and crisis chaplain, I also specializes in Psychedelic Therapy for End-of-Life and am committed to returning death to its sacred place in life.

Lover of ceremony and forever a student of the unseen world, I was raised Catholic and joined an evangelical Christian community as a teenager before surrendering into the guidance of Buddhism and the practice of Yoga as a young adult. I currently find connection and truth through the earth-based practices of my ancestors and the guidance of spirit and song. I welcomes your path just as it is. I identify as a white, cis-gendered, queer and temporarily able-bodied who grew up with class privilege. I invite a heart-centered exploration of systems of oppression into healing journeys knowing that the work of collective liberation is both external and internal and that all of us – need all of us – to be free.

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Location of Practice
Boulder, CO
Boulder, CO, USA

Practice Information

In-person and online services?
Both in person and online
Type of Practice
Psychedelic Therapy
Services Offered
Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy
Cannabis Assisted Somatic Psychedelic Therapy
Ketamine Assisted Psychedelic Therapy
Support Services for Psilocybin Ceremonies
List of Completed Trainings (Psychedelic Sitters School/Center for Medicinal Mindfulness)
Completed all levels of Psychedelic Sitters School including Psychedelic Mystery School and am Credentialed in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy
List of Completed Trainings (Outside of PSS/MM)
Ketamine Assisted Therapy from the Polaris Insight Center
Somatic Trauma Training through the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute
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