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Jay Waxenberg

Jay Waxenberg

As an ordained Interfaith minister and spiritual counselor I’m called to work psychedelics on spiritual and religious levels. Thanks to my Interfaith background I’m comfortable meeting clients with the language that their hearts are speaking and longing for regardless of their spiritual (or non-spiritual) background. It’s my belief that psychedelics can offer us access to the spiritual dimension of our lives in a deeply profound way and when connected with ceremony or ritual can imbue life with vast meaning.

In a very real sense I feel it’s my life’s work to bridge the spiritual world with the psychedelic world. I’ve worked to bring psychedelic experiences to several religious communities over the years and have found psychedelics to be at the core of my own spiritual path. Psychedelics in a ritual ceremonial context started my spiritual journey, sustained my spiritual journey, and continue to help me deepen and develop my spiritual journey. Building relationships with these powerful medicines has helped me develop my relationship to my own soul and ancestors. It’s my personal belief that our ancestral wisdom traditions (religions) offer us the greatest integration tools for psychedelic experiences, and so they are made for one another.

I believe, each psychedelic experience is an invitation to create a new story of being and, in that sense, each journey has the potential to be a miracle.

Contact Information

Location of Practice
Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, Boulder Colorado

Practice Information

Ordained interfaith minister (Rev.), Credentialed Interspiritual Counseler, Credentialed and completed all MM/PSS trainings, Completed ketamine training with Polaris, Master in philosophy with a focus on mysticism
In-person and online services?
Both in person and online
Type of Practice
Psychedelic guiding, Ministry, Spiritual counseling, mentorship
Services Offered
Psychedelic guiding (Cannabis, Ketamine, Psilocybin, DMT, Breathwork) , Ministry, Spiritual counseling, mentorship, meditation and yoga instruction
List of Completed Trainings (Psychedelic Sitters School/Center for Medicinal Mindfulness)
PSS1,2,3 &4
Somatic cannabis training
Ketamine practicum
Psilocybin practicum
DMT practicum
List of Completed Trainings (Outside of PSS/MM)
Interfaith Seminary, Interspiritual Counseling, Ketamine trainings with Polaris, Master from U of M, yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training
Areas of Expertise & Specializations
Spiritual counseling, (Cannabis, ketamine, psilocybin, DMT, and breath work)
Jewish spirituality, DMT, spiritual seeking, rights of passage
Hourly Rate
See MM website (specialist rate), scholarships offered
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