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Erin Wolfe

Erin Wolfe, MA LPC

Erin’s path has been a weaving together of the personal, the political and the spiritual for more than twenty years. Originally from Canada, Erin came to Boulder, Colorado in pursuit of a counseling degree that recognized and taught the understanding that human wellbeing includes a relationship with spirit, in whatever form is meaningful to a person. To this end, Erin earned her Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University (2011) and has been practicing psychotherapy since 2013. She also completed advanced training in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy with the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. Erin is trained by advanced practitioners at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness in Psilocybin Support Services and Harm Reduction. In addition to this, she has successfully completed Psychedelic First Aid training which includes CPR certification, psychedelic mental health crisis intervention and suicide intervention training.

As a Transpersonal Counselor, Erin holds a deep appreciation for her client’s spiritual expression and discovery and is skillful and experienced in supporting people in that unfolding. Having gone through significant spiritual emergenc(y) herself, and having supported many others both as a Transpersonal Counselor and as a spiritual retreat leader and guide, Erin is deeply familiar with the territory of awakening and unfolding, and believes that such experiences are the birthright of us all. Erin has also experienced the deep healing potential of such unfolding, both in her own life and the lives of others she has supported, and believes that psycho-spiritual growth, as it unfolds according to each individual’s deepest innate intelligence, is the surest path towards wholeness.

Erin is also trained as a somatic trauma therapist, integrating formal training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Synergetic Play Therapy, Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology and the Relational Neuroscience and Trauma work of Bonnie Badenoch with extensive personal study, mentorship and guidance in the areas of pre and perinatal psychology, mindfulness practices, and yogic philosophy.

Erin’s work in the world is also defined by a strong commitment to social justice and she holds a BA in Sociology with a Social Justice Concentration. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and as an always learning ally of BIPOC and other marginalized groups, Erin has been part of social and environmental justice movements since her teens.

Erin believes that healing takes place in relationships and that entering into therapeutic relationship with a person is an act of sacred service towards the individual’s unfolding and wellbeing. She holds that experiences in our early life play a significant role in our conscious and unconscious beliefs about life, ourselves and others as well as who we experience ourselves to be as adults, and that these beliefs and sense of self are not always in service to our fullest and most authentic expression. Attending to the unmet needs and limiting beliefs of those early life experiences creates opportunities to discover these things anew, to bring ourselves into the present moment in our lives, and to create greater and greater spaces of wellbeing within ourselves from which to enjoy life and discover and fulfill our sense of purpose. Erin enjoys supporting people recovering from traumatic life experiences in reclaiming their sense of wellbeing, joy and safety in the world. She works well with parents of young children, queer folxs of all types, creatives, people with developmental trauma, spiritual seekers, and those seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life.

Erin is a life-long mystic, a healer, a spiritual guide and a therapist. She is a single parent, a Yogi in the lineage of Swami Kripaluvananda, a Sufi of the Sufi Ruhaniat International lineage, and an experienced traveler of spiritual realms through the vehicles of dance, meditation and contemplation, and intentional psychedelic work. At the age of 28 she had her first spiritual awakening experience, an event that changed everything for her, and awoke the deep purpose in her life of sharing awakening with as many people as possible. She is an avid hiker and camper, a lover of hot springs and snow, oceans and rivers and the vast night time sky. She is a professional artist with a love of color and light, and leads community song circles for the love of singing.

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Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

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Both in person and online
List of Completed Trainings (Psychedelic Sitters School/Center for Medicinal Mindfulness)
PSS 1, 2 & 3 ; Cannabis Assisted Somatic Psychotherapy
List of Completed Trainings (Outside of PSS/MM)
MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology; Sensorimotor Psychotherapy - Somatic Therapy for for the Treatment of Trauma LV 1; Certified Synergetic Play Therapist; Clinical Training in Interpersonal Neurobiology; Pre/Perinatal Psychology Training
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Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy
Psilocybin Support Services
Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy
Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration
Somatic Trauma Therapy
Interpersonal Neuroscience Informed Therapy
Relationship Issues
Parenting Support
Life Transitions
Spiritual Seekers / Spiritual Emergenc(y)
People recovering from traumatic life experiences PTSD
Developmental Trauma CPTSD
LGBTQIA+ community
Post Traumatic Growth
People exploring polyamory and non-mainstream ways of living
People seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life
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