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An Integration Coaching Course to Support the “Work between the Works”


This course offers both informational and experiential deep dives into everything you need to know to offer one-on-one and group integration support as a coach, therapist or mental health professional. Step into your calling through coaching and integration circles that support your community (and yourself) in a compassionate, trauma-informed and inclusive way.

  • Set an integral container of care that fosters trust & safety
  • Assess clients to address their needs and know when to refer clients out
  • Advertise your coaching and integration circles to your Community
  • Facilitate inclusive & trauma-informed care so everyone feels welcome
  • Offer preparation, navigation and integration support to your 1:1 clients
  • Utilize and share a myriad of integration resources you now have access to
  • People curious to explore the healing power of witnessing another’s unfolding
  • Guides, psychedelic practitioners, mental health providers and therapists who are looking to offer ethical integration support to their clients
  • Psychedelic Sitter School students interested in providing deeper skilled care to their clients

7 hours of self-guided pre-recorded webinars to be watched before the first live class

3 live-virtual sessions on Sundays @ 12pm-3pm MT: 6/30, 7/7, 7/14 

  • PDF of integration tools, resources, and links
  • PDF template of how to advertise your integration circles
  • Psychedelic Integration Guidebook by Alison K. McQueen
  • 16 hours of total content including 9 hrs of live-virtual sessions and 5 hours of pre-recorded webinars  (see “Course Content” below)
  • Access to recordings of live content 
  • Powerful integration tools to share with your clients
  • Somatic, art, and process-oriented  experientials to explore embodied integration
  • 1:1 integration support
  • A deeper understanding about the psychedelic experience
  • Witness the power of vulnerability within a community committed to doing “The Work”
  • Who do WE need to be in supporting this work
  • What kind of work do we do as Integration Coaches/Specialists/Therapists
  • How to support clients with preparation/navigation/integration
  • What does dis-Integration look like and how to support it?
  • How to work with clients using Alison McQueen’s, Stages of Integration Workbook
  • How to use Cannabis as an integration tool
  • How to curate, advertise & facilitate your own integration circles
  • How to work 1:1 with clients & create supportive coaching packages for their individual needs and intentions

Skye Weaver is a multi-faceted Medicine Woman based in the Los Angeles area. She is an earth medicine and women’s leadership mentor, psychedelic cannabis facilitator, integration & self-care specialist and a lead facilitator for The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, DoubleBlind Magazine and EntheoNation. Her background and education cover a vast array of healing modalities, including mindful somatic psychology, mindfulness-based psychedelic therapy, life coaching, yoga, massage, manual stretch therapy, Reiki, and extensive work in the area of psychedelic facilitation, mentorship, education and ritual arts. Skye is also a lifelong thespian, having earned her MFA in acting from Harvard University and the Moscow Art Theatre where she studied acting, dance, voice & speech, Viewpoints, Suzuki, and commedia dell’arte giving her a natural proclivity towards public speaking.

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